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Morthem Vlade Art : In the blue plains of paradise
New album - LP 180g - Limited Edition 300 copies
Free download for orders from Infrastition

At least, no other word so long would have been the wait to see this album rereleased on CD, totally remastered by AE and with a complete design both with original Divine cover and insert completed with band biography (English and French) and pictures by Ian Craddock.

Babel 17 : Process - New album !

Out Now : Endlesston (Begin Says) - Between Time CD (Ino 010) Regard Extrême - Anaphore CD (Cyn 054)

Warning! No shipping before 29th of August!!! Enjoy Summer.

Transmission Wave-West 80-91 : The French britain cold wave! 18 track - Fin 076 CD - delivery from June 1st for the CD and from September 1st for the limited Lps
Back in stock : Asylum Party The Grey Years Vol. 1 & 2

June 2015 : deux générations de français anglophiles ! - Begin Says... "Printed & lost 1983-1991" 2CD - Garçons Coiffeurs "The early years 2005-2010" CD
Winter sale 2014 / Cynfeirdd / Discogs - all the music you need!
Varsovie New Album "L'heure et la trajectoire" CD
Museum of Devotion : complete works and more on the Newsletter #45
Transmission Nordwaves, Schleimer K, some gigs, some projects, and the Newsletter #44
Marcel Kanche, Thalie Némésis, some old, some new, some rough, some polished, and all of this with the same 7 notes! Download the Newsletter #43
Ausweis : Anthologie 1982-1988, Winter Sale and the Newsletter #42
Ptôse - The swoop + Face de Crabe, Ausweis, and the Newsletter #41
The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, Ptôse, and the Newsletter #40 to welcome Summer !
Ordo Equitum Solis, Babel 17, Vice, Style Sindrome and the Newsletter #39
Contre Jour and Red Temple Spirits availables, read the Newsletter #38 for upcoming releases
Red Temple Spirits packages are arrived home, as well as cds and inner sleeves, will start package now ! Still have to wait a little for inserts and bonus CD to be shipped but don't worry, You'll get your orders soon ! Happy holidays !
WINTER SALE! -60% -40% now!
Winter sale, Red Temple Spirits, donwloads and more are into the Newsletter 37
Red Temple Spirits : The complete remastered recordings in a limited edition boxset !
September, 20 years of Sweet William and sweet sounding stuff
Here is our Newsletter #36
< Trop Tard in France : Fin 061 Digi CD
Nostalgie Eternelle in Germany : End 011 Digi 2CD
Here is our Newsletter #35
< He is reborn the Wonder Child : Rebirth
< Winter sale, now !
Flue and X-Ray Pop or how Netherlands and France express a totally different view of the same years.
September lessons with Les Maîtres and Histoires de France, revisions with Martin Dupont and Transmission for the latecomers
Next orders shippings will be 1st of September. Infrastition wishes you a nice Summer and will be back with some news as Les Maîtres, Opéra Multi Steel and represses as Martin Dupont, OMS... plus surprises for the end of the year.
One Clair Two Obscur and one other newsletter.
More news...