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48 Cameras - B-sides are for lovers

Sales price: 9,00 €

48 CAMERAS : B-sides are for lovers (End 002), 14 €

CD digipack – Released on July 17th 2009

48 is a band on its own if one is: 25 years of creation, 9 albums, 6 concerts, a variable geometry band articulated around Jean marie Mathoul wich one of these days counted Gerard Malanga (poet, photograph, director: He was the man with a whip from the Exploding Plastic Inevitable), Rodolphe Burger and Philippe Poirier (Kat Onoma), David Coutler (Pogues, Test Dept) or Michael Gira (Swans), and more recently Nick Grey, Chris Long or Charlemagne Palestine as members... What’s better to celebrate so much musical determination than to re-release their first album, in a smart digipack,with two bonus tracks!

1. The Cold Equation 2’43’’
2. He Stands Alone; He Waits! 6’09’’
3. Bride Came C.O.D. 2’23’’
4. The Dream Theory 1’03’’
5. Mail-Art / The Last Sequences 6’57’’
6. Murder In My Heart, She Said 2’23’’
7. The Final Solution 2’17’’
8. She Didn’t Like The Rose 3’13’’*
9. Shrine 2’01*

* Bonus track