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Babel 17 - The ice wall

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BABEL 17 : The Ice Wall (Ino 001)

Released on 27th of April 2009

Babel 17 starts their adventures in college years in 1983, but their first album is released only in 1990 through Lively Art, "Celeano Fragments" is a UFO of french scene, it will be followed in 1991 by "Shades"a second album full of darkness and maturity. We had to wait for 18 years for the band to break the silence with this new album. The Ice Wall conjugate with success the typical Babel sonorities with actual production. The Ice Wall register both in the musical mood of the band and into the nowadays concerns.

1. It Seems so Easy
2. Life is Just a Fairy Tale
3. So Hard to Live
4. Knights and Castles
5. Odin’s Hour
6. Sorrow and Tears
7. We Stand Alone
8. Together in the Bubble
9. (Still) in Quest
10. I’ve Lost my Mind
11. Mind Reprise

Aetheriel Suite

12. Athabascan
13. New Moon
14. Pleasure & Music
15. Unknown Pleasures
16. Sonic Wizard
17. December