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Begin says… : Printed & lost 1983-1991

2CD digifile
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Begin says… : Printed & lost 1983-1991
2CD digifile
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Benjamin  Ritter and Laurent Saïet meet in high school  in Paris in late 1982. They soon decided to form a group. In January 1983, they meet through Guillaume Loizillon, André  Férole and Jean Pierre Chalbos, already playing together with a drummer. They organize the first rehearsals next month in a ancient sugar warehouse that will give them the idea of the name « Begin Says… ». The drummer quits the group  in June 1983 and Begin Says, rather than replace, opts for a drum machine that best suits their minimalist and repetitive music.  After a dozen titles composed, they take their first concerts in late 1983 in high schools.
In 1984 they expand their repertoire and record a 1st commissioned music for choreography, which will be a regular activity in their existence. So, they will also record from 1985 to 1990 music for movies or plays. By the way, they will produce themselves on rare concerts, finding few opportunities on this time (Opéra Night, Etablissements phonographiques de l’Est, Gibus Club, Le Plan, La Piscine, etc…).
In January 1986, they recorded in the studio of Guillaume Loizillon, 4 titles to release an E.P. Their dealings with the labels are not successful, and the group goes to sleep for a year. It was not until mid 1987 that Laurent Saïet locate a label interested in the music of the group, Facteurs d' Ambiance, led by Alain Arnaud, who produced  Martin Dupont and later Résistance.
Alain Arnaud offers  to the group to include 3 of the 4 songs recorded in 1986 on a compilation released in March 1988: "Essai" (this LP also includes titles of Martin Dupont, Men for Ben & L’Enfance Eternelle). The title "Arbeit" goes into playlists of the free radio Oui FM. The full band again resumes its activities regularly to this period (concerts and demos for an album project). It is about to record an album for Facteurs d' Ambiance but the label can not finance the cost of a recording studio and the band decide to record in their rehearsal place  in Paris in spring 1989.
At that time, Jean-Pierre Chalbos works for the label Off The Track, led by Peter Murray. He makes him listen to the music of the group and he expresses interest to sign the album license. Begin Says accept his offer. The "Under the palm trees" LP & CD will  be finally released in November 1989 on Off the Track/Polydor under the name of "B. Says ...", because the label had a reserve about the name of the group. Sang in english, german and italian, the disc will be well received by the press and radio of the time ("The Bridge" will be aired regularly, especially Oui FM, Radio Nova).
A music video, directed by Anne-Marie Cuisset on the title "Sado's way of life" will be broadcast repeatedly on TV FR3 in spring 1990. After other commissioned music and some concerts, Begin Says records 8 tracks demos of 14 new titles in 1990 for a second album. Off The Track is not interested ; Begin Says returns to Facteurs d' Ambiance that would not be against, despite economic problems. After multiple steps with studios to co-produce the album, this project is not successful, and the group will cease operations after a final concert in early 1992.

Now what?

Benjamin Ritter continues to work for the theater, as an actor and musician, and produced a solo album on Trace Label "Bunkoman" (2000). He also collaborated with other groups with Laurent Saïet (Teorem; Zig Rag Orchestra) during the 90's.
André Férole also composed music for stage performances in the 1990s. He also wrote film scripts & directed a short film.
Laurent Saïet founded Trace Label (www.tracelab.com) with Guillaume Loizillon & Patrick Müller, on which he has published five solo albums and a DVD. He also composed music for films regularly.
Jean-Pierre Chalbos became a famous sound engineer for La Source Mastering. (http://www.sourcemastering.com/)

In December 2014, Benjamin Ritter & Laurent Saïet release « Between time », a new album on Bandcamp  as Endlesston : http://endlesston.bandcamp.com/releases

CD1 / Under the palm trees (1989) /  Essai (1988)
1. LSD 
2. The Begin 
3. Arbeit 
4. Lenine said 
5. The bridge 
6. Viva los GI’s 
7. Medical obsession 
8. Amore 
9. Sado’s way of life 
10. Mother-The earth 
11. Incarnazionne 
12. Rock star 
13. Beautiful days
14. AMD 
15. Cycle
Bonus tracks :
16. Hi, we are Begin Says ! (demo 1983) 
17. The hell (demo 1983) 
18. Pièce électronique #2 (demo 1985) 
19. Medical obsession (demo 1987) 
20. Leçon de choses #1 (1987) 
21. Lagardère #6 (1989)

CD2 / The lost album
1. Nekro 
2. AER 
3. Kansas City 
4. Il Valentino 
5. Waterloo/Power render 
6. Le dormeur du val 
7. Strana sei tu 
8. The zoo 
9. Fiore di gioventu 
10. Verfolgung 
11. Sunday murders
12. Music in D 
13. Frankie (extended version) 
14. Hidalgo

+ Video clip. Sado’s way of life