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Coïtus Int. - 1980-1982

Sales price: 9,00 €

COÏTUS INT. : 1980-1982 (End 005) : 14,00 €
CD - Released on December 2th 2010

Coitus Int hailed from Utrecht, the Netherlands. The band started out as a typical schoolboys punkrock-band in the late 70s. They made a 7 inch ("Dead Excitement ep", 1980) on the local Rock Against label. At that time many more p-bands appeared on the Utrecht scene, and Coitus Int. quickly changed style to a slower, more radical and just as heavy sound, with a barracuda bass style what would be part of their trademark sound, all influenced by groups as Gang of Four and Stranglers, In the years to come three albums were released, all on their own independent (and nameless) label, and made with different drummers:
- Coitus Int, 1981
- Sex For The Wealthy, 1984
- Rules For making Love And Babies, 1991

Singer Jos de Groot is still active today, he runs 7 inch garagepunk label A Fistful Of Records. Just recently he also did a compilation-cd on early 70s Dutch glamrock (called "Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet") for Excelsior Recordings.
For a couple of years during the 80s guitarist Marcel Uffing was also the singer for Dutch outfit Hedda Gabler

Coitus Int is:
Marcel Uffing - gtr
Jos de Groot - vx
Heino l"Ortye - bss
Rob van Asperen - drms

Drummer Rob van Asperen died in 2005.

This release offers for the first time the complete Coïtus Int. early works on CD, a masterpiece for Dutch / Wave / Cold addicts!


coïtus int. - 1981 lp
2_to avoid the pressure
3_the threat
4_the connection is obvious
5_shrill screams
6_my ideal man
7_at the edge of triumph
8_cat-like movements
9_tourist ghetto

dead excitement - 1980 ep
10_run to the station
11_i shouldn't go
12_trap questions
13_dry up soon
14_on the escalator

coïtus int./local negatives - split tape 1982
15_formulas for sale
16_the cigarette