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Contre Jour : One night at the station

Sales price: 9,00 €

CONTRE JOUR : One night at the station (Ino 004) : 14,00 €

CD – Released on march 21th 2011

It’s in Nice in 2009 that Roxy, Christof and Greguy Leodocard decide to form Contre Jour. After Neptune, their former band, they decide to start over with the firm intention to offer a bigger sound, closer to their own personnalities. In 2010 Manu joins the band which is now complete.
The first Contre Jour album “One Night at the Station” offers an energetic sound between Rcok and New Wave. Influences are numerous but mainly focused on 80’s with artists like The Cure, Joy Division, Siouxsie and The Banshees or Depeche Mode.


1. Hourglass 04:40
2. A Contre Jour 04:43
3. The Chosen One 03:55
4. Grey House 04:04
5. Vladilen 04:16
6. Lies 03:59
7. One Night At The Station
8. Tension 03:29
9. This Feeling 03:38
10. Decay 03:06
11.Recklessness 04:53
12. The Travelling 04:15