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A tribute to Sol Invictus

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-Oraison Fields 3:58

–Dies Natalis Media 2:27

–Naevus Oh What Fun 4:12

–Gaë Bolg & The Quarzazate Dark Consortium The Death Of The West 7:06

–One For Jude Edward 4:26

–Sieben Amongst The Ruins 3:01

–Hide & Seek Come The Morning 4:14

–Neutral Sheath And Knife 8:29

–While Angels Watch Heroes Day 5:34

–Anima In Fiamme Sawney Bean 5:32

–Pilori A Ship Is Burning 3:46

–XIII Black Easter 9:07


–Tor Lundvall Tears And Rain 5:06

–Shining Vril Blood Against Gold 6:30

–Orchis The Fool 3:30

–Scivias Tooth And Claw 5:50

–Sleeping Pictures The Killing Tide 4:52

–Othila The Return 6:31

–Westwind Against The Modern World 3:33

–Agalloch Kneel To The Cross 5:55

–Spiritual Front In Days To Come (Minimal Baby Overdose Version) 3:21

–The Blue Hour Lex Talionis 4:04

Kirlian Camera Looking For Europe 4:45

–Andrew King The Raven Banner 12:12