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Dazibao - Complete works 1983-1993

4 CD + Box
Sales price: 19,00 €

DAZIBAO : Complete works 1983-1993 (FIN 050 : 35,00 €

4CD Embossed Metal Box + booklet – Released on April 8th 2010

Founded in 1983 in Paris by Jamil Saïarh (vocals), Pierre Biss (synths), Paul Dufayet de la Tour (drums), and Jean Zundel (bass), Dazibao gave their first gig at the Pali-Kao factory. Soon a first single, "Les Tambours Lointains," recorded on a Portastudio, has been released by M. Vinyl Rcds (Montpellier). Lucas Zabojnik's arrival on guitar allowed the band a real take-off and successive gigs . The maxi-single "Sahd" was produced by New-Wave Rcds; several singles and an album ("Les Musiques de la Honte") were released, thanks to ViSA's enlightened activism, until "Amok", an LP which saw the departure of Pierre Biss. Reduced to a four-member band before the joining of Thierry Bertomeu (sampler, guitars), Dazibao has been from now on managed by Philippe SaintLos. Hou La La / Zelig / Bondage Rcds, where Yves Lecarpentier (V.I.S.A) and Eric Débris (Mix-It) were working, enabled the band to record "Shems/Soleil" in Brussels - produced by Zip Zinc, of early Métal Urbain fame. It was their last album. For ten years of existence, Dazibao piled up records and tours in France, Europe, and Canada, participated in major festivals and supported a number of headlining acts. If critics were always eulogistic, commercial success didn't come.

In fact, Dazibao was first and foremost a rock band even if lyrics were often sung in Arabic, Jamil being half-moroccan. A "folkoric" success, for instance, was forbidden to a band whose members refused to take part in any community, any fashion; whose various influences were so integrated that they became unrecognizable; who were not "alternative," but truly independent; a band, finally, with which the audience found it difficult to identify. Never mind.

Finally, beyond records, experiences and encounters matter most, and these will last...


1. Azores
2. Cone blanc
3. Anaconda
4. Habeiteck
5. R'dem
6. R'dem (Dazibao mix)
7. Waltz
8. Cameleon
9. Allah El Watan El Malik
10. Rosy
11. Sans silence
12. Wonder why
13. Central
14. 220days
15. Hit Kat Choufi
16. Huuruu guuruu
17. Shergui


1. Can ya ma can
2. Sayf
3. Atfali
4. Ou hal
5. Baykher
6. Choufi fia
7. Bolero 2
8. Hendi
9. Hayat
10. Jugement
11. Parade
12. Fe sem
13. Nod
14. Leila
15. Djazair
16. Ach hadi trekh la
17. Badi meni
18. Sbar ha bel khel


1. Les tambours lointains
2. Frah
3. Raison
4. Comptine
5. Le train des roses
6. Galsin
7. L'bent
8. Les tambours lointains
9. Four hours
10. Rainmakers
11. Dans ses bras
12. The fire of love
13. Azores
14. La prisonniere
15. Meknes blues
16. Ses nuits
17. Dog brain
18. Huuruu guuruu
19. The fire of love
20. Hit kat choufi
21. El habeb
22. Hendi acoustique
23. Ya leila
24. Mezel
25. Hendi remix


1. Something must break
2. Anaconda
3. L'bent
4. Four hours
5. Les tambours lointains
6. Sbar ha bel khel
7. Take it as it comes
8. The fire of love
9. Cone blanc
10. R'dem
11. Cameleon
12. Ou hal
13. Choufi fia
14. Hit kat choufi
15. Baykher
16. Hendi