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Garten Kirkhof : The lost tapes 1988-1994

CD Digipack
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Garten Kirkhof - The Lost Tapes 1988-1994 (End 003) 14 €

CD digipack – Released on January 21th 2010


Garten Kirkhof was officially formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1988. However, I erred when I stared in the liner notes of our first CD that it was 1989. My apologies, sorry about that. BUT ACTUALLY, to find the earliest beginnings of Garten Kirkhof, we need to shift locations to Sacramento, Ca and then travel back in time to 1980. At that time in musical history, there were amazing and magical things brewing. Bands that would later become revered and influential had just recently formed. The stagnant, unimaginative bad rock, horrid disco and saccharine sweet pop had finally been challenged by something refreshingly raw, strong and different. With strange and provocative names like Joy Division, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Christian Death, Magazine, Comsat Angels, The Sound and many others. This music made a huge impact on a relatively small, but discerning group of people. Two of them being a couple of young guys in the US Air Force, who were disillusioned with their jobs, life and especially the repetitive, mindless, crap being played on most radio stations at that time. They had nothing but contempt for the tasteless imbeciles that both played and listened to that shit. Ignorant sheep they called them, who due to the lack of any original thoughts of their own just blindly fell into step with the rest of the herd or flock. In case you hadn't figured it out already, Veto and I were the young fellows I mentioned. We were in different squadrons, but our quarters were in the same barracks. Occasionally we would pass by each others doors while coming or going in the building. And often there would be loud music of the sort and with some of the same band names I mentioned above, blasting from the speakers inside that particular room. After this continued for a while we became fascinated and very curious about each other and inevitably met. As it turned out we where both originally from Ohio, were the same age, had taught ourselves how to play guitar within the last few years and the most importantly, had a great affection for a lot of the same music. As you can guess, we became very good friends and soon we were frequently wreaking havoc on the ears of the others in the building with our blaring guitars. After a bit of time passed, we began to search out others with similar tastes on the air base. A task which proved quite difficult, yet once in a rare while did yield a few others with similar leanings. Various bands were attempted to be put together by us, but noting ever stayed together long enough to perform any shows. Years passed, then (at different times) Veto and I got out of the USAF. We continued to create music with each other, but still could not get any cohesive actual band together. Finally, having little luck finding gainful employment in Sacramento, Veto returned to Cleveland in 1984. At that time I had a job, so chose to remain in Sacramento. We stayed close friends tho and kept in touch in the following years. Then in 1988 I got a call from Veto, who said he was putting together a band and would like me to play bass in it if I was interested. I had never played bass before, but neither of us considered that a major obstacle. Soooo, in February of 1989 I quit my job, packed it all up and moved back to Ohio. The rest of the story you already know (if you own or have read the bio from our first CD). Please excuse me, there is one more crucially important thing I almost neglected to mention. Veto, in 1988 had been in a Cleveland record store shopping for more Post Punk, Goth or other interesting music. After exiting the store he had gotten into a conversation with someone else outside abiut music. While this occurred Veto noticed a gaunt, black-clad, young lad come out of the same store he had just left. He asked the person he was talking to if they knew if that young Goth was the singer in a band, to which they replied they did not know. Veto exclaimed that if he wasn't he certainly looked the part. A few months massed and then after hoping to run into the mysterious young Goth again, he finally did. He told him he was forming a group and would he like to be the vocalist? That person was of course Jeffrey and now you really do know the rest of the story.

1. Untitled - 1988 - Rehearsal Session
2. Frozen - 1988 - Demo
3. Perish Parade - 1989 - Rehearsal Session
4. Untitled - 1989 - Rehearsal Session
5. Untitled - 1990 - Rehearsal Session
6. Death Chant - 1990 – Demo
7. Spiritual Blindness - 1991 - Live
8 Hee Haw (Alien Sex Fiend cover) - 1991
9. An Interlude
10. Untitled - 1992 - Rehearsal Session
11. Deathsong - 1992 – Live
12. Untitled - 1992 - Rehearsal Session
13. Surreal Solace - 1993 - Rehearsal Session
14. Deus Irae - 1993 - Rehearsal Session
15. Le Dormeur - 1993 - Demo for Compilation
16. Khyber Pass - 1994 – Demo