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Asylum Party - The Grey Years Vol. 1

2xCD Digi
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Asylum Party - The Grey Years Vol. 1

First part of this complete works with the first duet mini-LP, Picture One, joined by the first album Borderline. On the second CD some demos including the Univers Clos ones and a live track.
Gatefold Digifile Edition

1. Julia
2. Sweetness... Of Pain
3. Before The Smile
4. White Light
5. Together in The Fall
6. Play Alone
7. The Sabbath
8. La Tourmente
9. First Days Of Winter
10. La Nuit
11. Better Days Ahead
12. Winter
13. Pictures

1. Old dreams are not innocent
2. Call in silence
3. The Wind will blow
4. Dreaming
5. L'Ennui
6. Le Voyage immobile
7. Nice day bad day
8. Sadness sweet sadness
9. The Wind will blow (remix)
10. Some grey mornings
11. Asylum party
12. White light (instru)
13. Un Sang d'hier (Live)