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Asylum Party - The Grey Years Vol. 2

2xCD Digi
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Asylum Party - The Grey Years Vol. 2

This second part gather on the first CD the second album Mère as well as the 7" Ticket to Ride, then on the second CD the maxi What Will You Learn, seven tracks from various compilations (Appels de la Muse, Unreleased...) one live track and a song from Phil's Irrelevant project.

Gatefold Digifile Edition

1. Pure joy in my heart
2. Sur la route
3. It's over (head falls down)
4. Mother
5. Pas très loin
6. Someone else
7. Un sang d'hier
8. Madhouse grass
9. Euphoria
10. Le temps des serpents
11. Inner world is up (jump)
12. Ticket to Ride
13. Beside

1. Misfortune?
2. What will you learn
3. La rivière
4. Echoes & lights
5. Green Wisdom
6. Nuclear kisses
7. Wet Button
8. Love or Madness
9. pigs Are Still Alive
10. the Desert
11. where Have You Gone My Friend
12. Love or Madness (live)
13. Flying (Irrelevant)