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Laurent Pernice : Détails

Sales price: 9,00 €

LAURENT PERNICE : Détails (Fin 048) : 14,00 €

CD digipack – Released on July 17th 2009

Since 1988, release date of this first solo album, prehistoric and blessed vinyl era, Laurent Pernice never stop reconsidering himself. Aten of albums later - released on as many labels, in France, Germany, Russia, Slovenia without counting the collaborations (in Brasil and more) and the compilations (in Japan, Australia and elsewhere) -, he is still looking tirelessly for new tracks, new ways to do music. And each time he stps into a new project it’s after having erased all previous experiences. As if he has to start from nothing. And in spite of these little revolutions between each releases, there is still something letf, a little piece, an undefinite style, personal that is his signature. One has to say that it’s range is wide: from purest experimental music to electro and wild world music to mad jazz and new music. Amongst all of this one olny aim: tsurprise the listener “I wish that at all moments it makes tilt in the head of the one listening to me” he said to everyone.

01. plan de coupe
02. vue axonometrique
03. en croix grecque
04. chanson d’amour
05. detail
06. bout portant
07. des agregats
08. situation
09. sur la terre...
10. Indistinction*
11. Accoutumance*
12. Sans Titre*

Bonus track*