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DZ Lectric - Be Eclectic !

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DZ LECTRIC - Be Eclectic !

DZ Lectric is an UFO in the French scene, lots of tapes, joint ventures, participation to Magnétique Bleu, Les Maudits, to numerous samplers, this re-release of Be Eclectic is the way to re-discover a part of his works from 1981 to 1986, on himself or with Magnétique Bleu, Les Maudits, Arnovah, Die Form, Anthon Shield... all being remastered and housed in a nice digipack.

1. Geister
2. All The Sad Young Men
3. Dreamcream
4. Melancolies
5. Hours And Years
6. Razorblades
7. Chant D'Electrons
8. Danse Rituelle Noire
9. Affrontements
10. Le Village *
11. Bip Bip *
12. On est là sans comprendre *
13. Bardo Thödol *

* bonus tracks