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Norma Loy - Un/real

CD Digipack
Sales price: 9,00 €

Norma Loy - Un/Real (Ino 003) 14 €

CD digipack – Released on November 6th 2009, 28 pages booklet.

18 years, it’s the time we had to wait for this new Norma Loy album!
Un/Real was recorded during year 2009 by Chelsea (voices), Usher (Keyboards, samples), but also original bass player Scavone H., Guillaume on drums and Mika Chrome on guitars.

These 13 new tracks, whom a Stooges cover, offer a mood between 80’s cold wave and contemporary dark ambiances. Ranging from animal nightmare (Spiders) to social thought (Second Life) this new album is the synthesis of both Norma Loy and French indie musical scene evolution.

1. Bleeding death angel
2. Second life NL_Second.mp3
3. Dirt
4. Masturbation machine
5. F+A+T+E
6. Two days in a night
7. Yesterdays
8. Candles & honey
9. Words stolen on a train
10. Speed pills
11. Spiders
12. House of love
13. Dreamland