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Opéra Multi Steel - Cathédrale

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Opera Multi Steel - Cathédrale

Re-release of the first album (1984) of the Bourges band, as a digifile done as the original record cover, 500 first copies including the colored cloth knots attached on the front. 4 extra tracks from the first 12" and 4 period bonus videos.

The re-release of the Bourges band first album, backed with the tracks from the first 12" from 1984 and four more visual documentaries, will allow many of you to discover the first synthy-medieval echoes, the first form of snowy blaze, of cold fires from the most singular band of our old continent: OPERA MULTI STEEL. Somewhere between Orchestral Manoeuvre In The Dark (before they fall into synthie-pop hit parades) and The Cure, their music is a dare to the face of gravity.


1. Du son des cloches
2. Forme et réforme
3. Empire
4. Brasier communiquant
5. Piscine à Tokyo
6. Cathédrale
7. Frantz est mort
8. Attitudes
9. Ils s'éloignent
10. Un froid seul

Bonus OMS 45 EP:
11. Jardin botanique
12. Massabielle
13. Rien
14. Fêtes Komité

Bonus period videos:
-1 Cathédrale
-2 Du son des cloches
-3 Jardin botanique
-4 Frantz est mort