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Parallèles de Montségur - Espérit

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Parallèles de Montségur - Espérit

Released on 17th June 2008

Born in 1986 in Montpellier, Les Parallèles de Montségur opened the way of a dark rock in French to the south west of France. In a short time the band got a huge local following and then went on tour in France and Spain. It's a Paris label Le Silence De La Rue that released in 1990 the first single and only album "Espérit". Press and radios worshiped these eight tracks recorded and mixed in eight days at Studio de la Loge in Montpellier. While the band is ready to get its own place in the French scene the left of the bass player will broke the magic. In spite of it's replacement and the recording of four new tracks, opening the way to a new sound, the band will split in 1991.

1. Fils de rien, fils de mandrin
2. Roi des fous
3. L'Islamique
4. Divin Marquis
5. Les anges déchus
6. Les loups
7. Sur les hauteurs
8. Le froid
9. Au fil des armes*
10. L'hôte animal*
11. N'écoute pas la mer*
12. Pierrot de la lune*

* bonus tracks