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Ptôse - The swoop + face de crabe

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Ptôse “The swoop + face de crabe” Fin 062
CD lim 300ex - 02/10/13 - 14,00 €

Originating from Niort, Benoît and Lionel Jarlan created Ptôse in 1979. In the aim to produce and distribute their music (and sometimes the one of others), they set up the Ptôse Production Présente label, indie organization that will release between 1980 and 1984 about fifteen cassettes tapes nowadays collector pieces. The band also appears on numerous samplers around the world. The band is today an icon of the DIY movement appeared in France in the early 80's : experimental, minimal wave compositions, classy packagings, limited editions, limited distribution...
End of 1984 the young AYAA label produce and release Ignobles Limaces. This is the very first Ptôse LP. The work of american artist Mark Beter for the cover definitely gives the west-side band the mark of the French Residents.The same year the Dutch label Eksakt release The Swoop. The album offers a 33rpm A-side and a 45rpm B-side with only a Boule (viens ici !) hit megamix. Two years later the same label will release the band last work, Face de Crabe.
These two latest Ptôse albums had never been re-released until now, they are are backed with tree totally unreleased tracks recorded between 1984 and 1986.

PTÔSE  THE SWOOP + FACE DE CRABE  CD 18 titres - FIN 062 / harcd02

THE SWOOP (1984)
1 The Bogyman  
2 Stalking in the Dark  
3 Under my Bed…
4 Sticky Slug!
5 Petite otite  
6 Our Only Food...  
7 Boule (viens ici) ! (Megamix)  
8 The Zoo at Night
9 My Ghost
10 Smelly Tongues (The Residents)
11 Face de crabe
12 The Tree
13 Beasties
14 Thirst
15 Flabby Shell
ENCORE (Unreleased tracks)
16 Reel
17 Ghost #1
18 Ghost #2