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Resistance - Between two lights

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Resistance - Between two lights

Released on December 22th 2008.

Resistance is before everything else Eric Ferrand, author, composer, he records this first album, until now only released on vinyl, in 1986. Before there will have been Jeune France, another ephemeral band, after will follow two albums, "100 Lives" (1988) and "8" (1990) before a musical pause that will only be stopped with a side project, solo and very different, "L'Oreille Interne" melting psychiatric hospital interviews recordings with minimal music.

1. Die out
2. The gash
3. With the stream
4. Chase
5. Washed out colours
6. Rescue
7. Between two lights
8. Whispers
bonus live tracks :
9. Between two lights
10. By your side
11. Instant
12. Out of the body
13. Washed out colours
14. The gash / chain