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Schleimer K : Wounded wood

Sales price: 9,00 €

SCHLEIMER K : Wounded wood (End 009) : 14,00 €

CD – Released on march 21th 2011

The early 80’s in the UK was the time when pure punk protest didn’t seem satisfying anymore, but its energy was still in the air. Different bands started to use this energy for artistic purposes, combining it with diverse influences, like Expressionism, Dadaism and other “-isms”. Schleimer K wasn’t quite one of those bands as they could never really fit into any of the time’s musical categories. The project was based around the duo of Englishman Michael Wolfen and Frenchman Dominique Brethes and its music has two naturally interlaced aspects. Schleimer K was much more of a performance art project than an ordinary musical band: its members paid strong attention to the provocative element, providing weird shows at which it wasn’t rare to see Michael in a leather mask and chains and Dominique in a skirt over leather trousers, in the midst of the theatrical and musical madness happening around them. Rather than play normal musical venues with other bands, Schleimer K preferred sharing the stage with different art forms such as an experimental theatre group which took part in the band’s show in Paris, and play in more unusual venues, warehouses or theatres like Pali-Kao (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pali-Kao). In 1983 when the band’s last album “Wounded Wood” came out, Schleimer K had already several releases under their belt: the atmospheric and minimal debut self-titled LP (1981), a shared release with German “Die Partei” and Italian “Neon”, the 12” EP “Fugitive Kind” (1982), and tracks appearing on various compilations such as “The Wonderful World of Glass” (featuring many influential bands like The Lemon Kittens, Legendary Pink Dots, Martyn Bates…) or “Dokument - Ten Highlights In The History Of Popular Music 1981>1982' (featuring Cabaret Voltaire, Minimal Compact, The Virgin Prunes…), all of which nowadays are almost impossible-to-find rarities. This final musical chapter seems the continuation of the path, but in a changed environment: “Wounded Wood” LP, released on Dominique’s newly founded label “Lone Wolf”, is the result of Schleimer K’s musical experiments in the new “Wolf Studios” owned by Dominique.


"One of the best UK synth/post punk/experimental acts. Dark, icy synth sounds with anxious vocals sometimes touching the experimental edges."

1 Demon Lust
2 The King Must Die
3 The Mainline
4 Wounded Wood
5 Little Girl On The Graveyard Wall
6 The Head Turned Away
7 Hope Deep Inside
8 Red Flag To The Bull
9 Poison In The Eye
10 Psycho
11 Paradise Slips Past So Easily
12 The Office For The Dead