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Vicious Circle : Barbed wire slides

CD Digipack
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Vicious Circle - Barbed wire slides (Fin 047) 14 €

CD digipack – Released on January 21th 2010

Lucie Dehli and Stephan Ink are a duet of experimental music that started its musical carrier under the name of Vicious Circle in the legendary English label SomeBizarre (Soft cell, The The, Einsturzende Neubauten...) pool. Barbed Wire Slides is relased in 1990, here it is completed with a still unrelerased period track. They come back later to France o sign two albums (Bike Ride, Life Goes on Again) under the name of View with the Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier label.

The voice of Lucie Dehli brings them to the German label Hyperium samplers Heavenly Voices that will spread "Bikeride" all over the world.

Few years ago the two musicians decide to settle in Belgium, in Liège. They take part to the experimental collective project of Jean Marie Mathoul -48 Cameras- (featuring David Coulter, Michael Gira, Rodolphe Burger..).

In 2006 they give birth to Elephant Leaf, a nuanced evolution of their previous works.

1 Underground Ecstasy 4:02
2 Before After 0:38
3 Родилась Слепой 4:40
4 No Rest 4:26
5 Indolence Chronique 6:08
6 Bliss 4:26
7 Что 5:20
8 Resistance 3:33
9 Ceilings 4:05
10 Noisy Silence 2:55
11 Heures Perdues 3:18 (unreleased)